Royal Terberg Group proudly presents its first Sustainability Report

6/27/2024 12:01:00 PM - Royal Terberg Group

Royal Terberg Group proudly presents its first Sustainability Report, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

This report outlines our roadmap to reduce our environmental impact and enhance sustainability across all areas of our business, including cutting greenhouse gas emissions, developing sustainable products, and promoting a circular economy.

Highlights include a breakdown of our carbon footprint and the introduction of EV and hydrogen product lines. We also emphasize our dedication to social responsibility through initiatives that support employee well-being, engage with our communities, and ensure ethical governance.

Godfried Terberg, CEO of Royal Terberg Group, stated, "This report showcases our commitment to integrating sustainability into our core business strategy. We are dedicated to driving positive change and leading by example in our industry."

As we look ahead, this report represents a crucial step towards integrating financial and sustainability reporting over 2025 in 2026, which will provide a comprehensive view of our performance accross all dimensions and underline our commitment to transparency and accountability.