Terberg RosRoca VM produce their first vehicle

Terberg RosRoca VM produce their first vehicle

10/12/2021 2:13:02 PM - Terberg RosRoca VM

Since establishing the business Terberg RosRoca Vehicle Manufacturing (VM) have been hard at work creating a well equipped, world class manufacturing centre located in Dubai Industrial City.

The fruit of this labour is the first truck from their production line for customer Bee'ah. Part of an order for a total of 9 vehicles, the Olympus 25W body is fitted with our OmniGV bin lifting system and is destined to go to work in Sharjah, in North East Dubai.


The manufacturing process at Terberg RosRoca VM has been carefully developed to be commensurate with Terberg RosRoca Group's European manufacturing centres. As such, TRRVM use the same operating procedures and quality system documentation to ensure that the finished product is of consistent quality and to the same standard as a European manufactured product.

The vehicle for Bee'ah will eventually be joined by another 7 Olympus and OmniGV equipped units along with two bin washing units.