• Terberg yard tractors (4x2) are widely used by major port operators worldwide. Their key reasons for choosing Terberg tractors are always the reliability and the low cost of ownership. Our yard tractors are primarily used for transporting containers between quay cranes and storage yards. Terberg also provides solutions for multi-trailer trains from 4 to 10 TEU. We have four-wheel drive tractors for applications where ice or slopes present special challenges.

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    Terberg has secured a leading position in the RoRo-tractor market. Our robust and well-designed tractors have been used in ports around the world for many years. We have solutions for every load, ramp and tractor connection, ensuring safe and efficient cargo handling. Port operators appreciate the SafeNeck®, which considerably increases safety when hauling heavy loads on steep ship’s ramps.

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  • Terberg yard tractors are used as shunters (tugs) at many distribution centres where they have proven themselves to be much more appropriate for trailer shunting than conventional road trucks. Operators using swap bodies appreciate the Terberg BC body carrier, which can also tow fifth wheel and drawbar trailers.

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  • Terberg Kinglifter manufactures a range of truck-mounted forklift trucks - from compact models for use in city centres to heavy-duty units for building sites.  Our dependable, high-quality products have a very favourable payload compared with their own weight.

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  • Our innovative R&D teams apply their collective genius to develop solutions that are fit for purpose. Efficiency, safety and customer feedback are always the foundation of our innovation. We offer a superb, diverse and dependable range of products to help you with your chosen application:

    • Domestic bin collections
    • Commercial bin collections
    • Mixed round collections
    • Food waste collections
    • Dry recyclable collections
    • Container weighing and identification
    • Municipal duties
    • Underground waste
    • Container washing

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  • More effective recycling requires sorting and processing at waste handling plants. Terberg tractors provide an efficient solution for handling open-top and ACTS containers at these facilities.

    Any non-recyclable materials left after sorting can be taken to the landfill and dumped with a Terberg rough terrain tractor. The robust design of our vehicles is a real advantage in these operating environments.

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  • Terberg YT, TT and RT tractors are used in many industries for transporting loads of up to 375 tonnes Gross Combined Weight. Our industrial customers value the robustness and reliability of our products. The ease of manoeuvring and the swivelling seats on some models are particularly useful when working in crowded yards or inside buildings.

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  • Terberg Techniek offers unique vehicles for the mining industry, based on Volvo FMX and FH trucks. With a GCW of up to 175 tonnes and a GVW of 100 tonnes, these trucks are utilised all over the world.

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  • Terberg Techniek fits additional axles to Volvo trucks and supplies axle kits worldwide. These modifications enable vehicles to carry heavier loads and operate on poor surfaces. Terberg Techniek also modifies vehicles for police, defence and industrial applications.

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  • Terberg Techniek has introduced an Electric Power Take-off (E-PTO)for the construction industry, such as concrete mixers, which urgently needs solutions to comply with stricter regulations on the emission of COand other pollutants. In addition, Terberg has developed a Hydrogen solution, the H2-PowerPack, for mobile excavators.