Become part of the family

Working for an internationally successful family business in the Automotive industry, that is what we offer. We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit and innovative reliable products for specialized markets. Take a closer look at our culture, rich history and core values.

A strong culture based on shared values


Entrepreneurial spirit is our primary core value. We aim to listen to our customers, to see opportunities and we are not afraid to fail. Initiatives, ideas and continuous improvement are appreciated and encouraged. At Terberg you enjoy the freedom to really make a difference. Our shared culture and common goals give us the energy to do great things. We are proud of our culture and our long, rich history.


The products we develop are inspired by the needs and questions of our customers. Translating these into value-added solutions requires real skill and experience. Customer focus is an attitude, it means facing outwards, proactively asking relevant questions and responding timely.



Terberg is at the forefront of innovation. We innovate to help make our customers more efficient, grow their business and make their operations more sustainable. As early as 2014 Terberg introduced the first all-electric tractor and now we are introducing new, improved EV generations in several markets. We also invest strongly in our R&D, for example in the field of vehicle automation. The first pilot projects have already started.


Terberg invests a great deal in delivering high quality products. Newly developed vehicles undergo a thorough test programme, including laboratory and test track testing. We set the bar high and promote a “first time right” and “zero defects” culture. We challenge each other to demonstrate high quality in our work and processes.



The Royal Warrant is the crown on 150 years of entrepreneurial spirit and hard work.