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Terberg develops, produces and modifies special transport vehicles, loading systems and weighing and identification systems for professional and intensive use. We work according to the highest quality requirements and applicable laws and regulations and apply the most modern transport and ICT technologies.

In addition, we provide a wide range of complementary services directly or via our service network, such as maintenance, spare parts, repair, warranty, advice, rental, trade-in, telematics and training.

Thanks to our complete range of products and services, you are able to deploy your equipment reliably and economically and guarantee your continuity.

  • On 2 November 2021 Veth Automotive acquired Terberg Specials Belgium N.V. and Terberg Specials B.V. This acquisition enables Veth Automotive to expand its activities in the field of the conversion and fitting out of cars and vans in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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  • Labels in the Benelux

    • Business Mobility
    • Justlease
    • Personal Car Lease

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The Royal Warrant is the crown on 150 years of entrepreneurial sprit and hard work.