25’000th Bin Lift Produced At Terberg Machines

8/10/2020 10:00:00 PM - Terberg RosRoca

The 25.000th bin lift product recently rolled off the production line in IJsselstein! A team achievement and milestone for ​Terberg Machines.

Marcel Feitsma, Product Manager for Terberg Machines commented: “We started producing automatic bin lift systems over thirty years ago. Then, as now, we aimed to support our customers with advanced technology to make their waste collection operations more efficient and safer and reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Automatic systems are better in both respects.”

Production timeline and milestones

  • 1989: Our production started in The Industrieweg with automatic lifts designed to empty 2 wheeled bins.
  • 1990: Assembly process moved to a new location (Baronieweg, IJsselstein, Netherlands)
  • 1992: Introduction of the first low level automatic bin lift, the TCA-DEL
  • 2002: Production moves to new building
  • 2005: Production of the 1000th OmniDel bin lift is achieved
  • 2020: A total of 25,000 bin lifts have rolled of the production lines


The production process of our bin lift systems includes five main stages:

  1. Fitting of the mechanical components to the main frame of the bin lift.
  2. Spray painting and finishing in a customer-specified colour
  3. The smaller components are fitted to the bin lift.
  4. Fitting of all of the electrical components, including controls and weighing systems.
  5. Testing and calibrating of the system is carried out, and loading the operating software in any the customers specified language.

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