Terberg electric bin lifts - The first steps to a sustainable future

5/4/2023 5:15:00 PM
One of Terberg’s major success stories since 2011 has been the development of the electric-powered bin lift range.

Terberg Electric Bin Lift.jpg


This market-leading bin lift continues to deliver the exceptional user experience synonymous with all Terberg products, along with the benefits
of lower operating costs and a reduced impact to the environment. 

The electric powered bin lift now accounts for more than one-third of Terberg bin lift sales in the UK. This figure continues to increase as customers become aware of the benefits to both their carbon footprint and operating costs.
In addition, the Terberg electric bin lift is almost silent during its operation.
Recent field trials conducted over four weeks provided accurate fuel usage and carbon reduction data with impressive results.


Reduced fuel consumption


During the trial, both the OmniDEL Hydraulic and the OmniDEL Electric lifts were used on the same vehicle and on the same collection route. In each
two-week period, the vehicle travelled around 2,700 miles, emptied more than 12,500 bins and collected 275 tonnes of waste.

The trial vehicle was monitored remotely using the Terberg Connected Remote Services solution with all recorded data checked by cross-referencing with the end user’s own internal data records and verified by them.


The results of the trial showed a notable 9.7% reduction in the vehicle’s fuel consumption. This reduction alone would equate to an annual carbon saving of 3,500kg CO2e per vehicle which again, is an exciting and impressive result.

Terberg Matec UK’s General Sales Manager, Kevin Forbes, said: “We are all acutely aware of the environmental responsibilities and goals of both Terberg and our customers.

“Our aim is to achieve this via innovative development and practises and our electric bin lift makes an immediate and significant step towards long-term environmental aspirations as well as reducing costs.”


Safety is paramount


The design of the electric bin lift range mirrors that of Terberg’s market-leading hydraulic bin lifts. All mechanical and operator control components are identical on both ranges.

This commonality ensures operator familiarity and flexibility and training is the same for the electric and hydraulic models.

As with all Terberg products, comfort and safety is of paramount importance. The electric lifts operate with no need for the engine to be revved, making a quieter environment around the vehicle.

As a result of the significant operating noise reduction, the electric lifts also cause less disturbance for the general public and are better suited for operations in areas that are noise-sensitive, such as schools, care homes
and hospitals. The same advantages also apply to time-sensitive collections from domestic properties in the early mornings or evenings.

Kevin added: “Safety, efficiency, reliability and Terberg’s excellent performance reputation have made our hydraulic and electric lift ranges
market leaders.

“That coupled with the need to deliver our environmental commitments, confirm that the Terberg electric powered bin lift range is a proven, no-risk, affordable solution for customers on their journey to a more sustainable future.”