Warwick leads with efficiency

6/9/2023 9:00:00 AM
The production process in any manufacturing business is at the heart of its sustainability. It is, of course, in Dennis Eagle’s direct interest to reduce energy consumption, improve processes, replace old equipment with more efficient equipment, improve the fabric of the buildings and the safety and wellbeing of staff.


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While the company has always had an ongoing programme to meet this end, the effort and investment to achieve these goals has never been greater than it is now.

Recent and ongoing improvements in sustainability at our Warwick production facilities can be considered as follows:


Electricity savings

A new transformer and low voltage board was fitted in 2022. It is far more efficient than its predecessor and it is estimated it will save 41,601kWh of electricity annually. Alongside the subsequent cost savings, this alone reduces our emissions by 9.6 tonnes of CO² per year.

New distribution boards throughout the site add to these savings thanks to lower energy usage and improved efficiency.

A new air conditioning control system has been installed to manage use in all office areas. It follows Government guidance on how to restrict its use and recommendations for maximum energy efficiency.

Across the entire company, LED lighting has been installed both internally and externally. This alone has reduced the energy need for lighting by 70%. A temperature issue in our paint booths meant we couldn’t initially install LED in them but this has been overcome and a trial in now under way. Emergency lighting has also been upgraded to a more energy efficient system.


Building improvements

A new roof has been fitted to Unit 1 at Warwick. This is better insulated for better temperature control and to reduce wasted energy. Speed doors have also been installed in the factory. These allow much quicker entry and exit and so, once again, reduce heat loss from the buildings.

Meanwhile, in the Fabrication Shop, the extractor fans in the roof have been replaced with fans featuring more efficient motors to further reduce energy consumption in this workspace.

The factory units have also had Ecotile flooring fitted over the concrete floors that were previously worked on. This not only provides better temperature control but is also more comfortable for people to walk on.


Equipment upgrades for efficiency

Where feasible, our air tooling has been replaced by direct electric power which is more efficient than an electric compressor. Other compressors have had their timers and override changed to save more energy and a transducer has been fitted to the main compressors to balance loading. The remaining air tool oilers have also been upgraded to reduce oil waste.

We have also carried out a full Argon Line replacement to reduce the risk of leakage and remove waste. And with similar goals, the ongoing Air Leak Repair project aims to eliminate leaks and the waste it entails.

New bulk tanks have been installed for diesel, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and Ad Blue. These include a filtration system to ensure vehicles going to our customers will always be delivered with totally clean fluids. And it minimises the risk of environmental pollution and waste.

There has also been a full upgrade of welding equipment for maximum safety and efficiency.

Our fork lift trucks have been fitted with telematics to monitor their efficiency. This has enabled a re-organisation of the fleet and a reduction in usage, leading to cost and emission savings.



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