New sustainable initiative helps fund hospices

11/13/2023 4:10:00 PM
A new sustainable initiative from Dennis Eagle is putting redundant parts to good use and reducing waste while raising funds for a local charity.

Myton Hospice .png


With our Aftermarket supply chain partner TVS, we’ve started auctioning off unused parts in lines that are no longer required. The funds raised through this initiative are then donated to The Myton Hospices group, a well-recognised charity providing exceptional end-of-life care in Warwickshire and Coventry.

Central Parts manager Jaz Arak explained: “Every quarter we review our stock and those lines no longer needed are taken away by our supply chain partner TVS to be auctioned off.


“Parts become redundant because vehicles and equipment constantly evolve and the number of lines we no longer need will vary every quarter. We started doing this last summer and from the two auctions we’ve been involved with so far, we’ve raised almost £2,000.

“It’s sustainability in action: reducing waste, providing a use for parts that are no longer needed and helping a charity that looks after people in the area around our headquarters and where many of our staff live.”


Myton runs three hospices, in Coventry, Warwick and Rugby, the first two of which provide in-patient care for up to 20 people at a time.

Their patients are adults of all ages who have had a terminal diagnosis. Last year the Myton Hospices helped more than 1,700 patients and their families.


“Our services stretch beyond the patients themselves to their families and can continue after their loved one has passed away,” explained Myton Hospices’ corporate fundraiser Yasmin Warburton.

“We provide end-of-life care for patients in a restful environment with specific equipment and nurses trained in palliative care and these need to be funded. It costs £28 for one hour of specialist nursing. An in-patient bed costs on average £450 for one day. Ten child bereavement counselling sessions cost £300.

“Overall, Myton Hospices cost £13.25 million a year to run and that figure is rising. But only 20% of that comes from the NHS. The other 80% must come from fundraising.

“We have a wonderful army of supporters – some who have used our services in the past and some who will in the future. Last year, with their help, we succeeded in raising £10.5 million.

“A significant part of that comes from local businesses helping their communities and looking at our records, Dennis Eagle has been among our supporters since 1996. Over the years, we’ve received more than £50,000 from the company which we are very grateful for, including £5,000 as sponsors of this year’s Santa Run on December 10.

“And this new initiative, from them and from TVS, will provide another very welcome stream of funding.”