Terberg Matec Netherlands And VTM Cleaning Vehicles Continue Together!

11/17/2020 3:04:00 PM

Fltr: Gerrit van Baaren (Service Coordinator VTM), Gerrit Flier (Legal/Tax Advisor VTM), Evert Stigter (Managing Director VTM), Godfried Terberg (on behalf of Royal Terberg Group), Mark Senders (Managing Director Terberg Matec Nederland BV), Hein de Groot (Royal Terberg Group Legal), Hans Geerts (CFO Terberg RosRoca Group).

As of December 24th 2020 Terberg Matec Nederland BV will take over all activities and employees of VTM Reinigingsvoertuigen in Geldermalsen. Through this takeover, both companies together realize a strong position in the cleaning equipment market. The Cleaning equipment products  include the complete range of BUCHER Municipal compact- and truck mounted sweepers, including JOHNSTON and BEAM, and the winter maintenance equipment. The product range is further complemented by KAISER Moro sewer cleaning equipment.

With the takeover of VTM Reinigingsvoertuigen Terberg Matec Nederland can fully concentrate its services and specifically align with the two main activities: "Sales & Service Collection Vehicles" from the IJsselstein location and "Sales & Service Cleaning Vehicles" from the Geldermalsen location.

Under the well-known name Terberg Matec Nederland BV, dedicated specialist teams are available at both locations, each with all the necessary knowledge, resources and years of experience in their field. In this way, for all customers, the already familiar faces are retained as a trusted point of contact. In addition, with our all-round service workshop in De Kwakel, in the immediate vicinity of Aalsmeer, we also have a strong base in North Holland region.

Thanks to VTM's knowledge and experience with specialist machines, particularly in the infrastructure and private cleaning sectors, the VTM team is an important addition to lift our presence to a higher level in precisely those market segments with good service and expert advice.

For that expert advice, Evert Stigter will be responsible for all Sales & Marketing activities relating to Cleaning Vehicles.

Wilbert Braakman will continue to be responsible for all Sales & Marketing activities relating to Collection Vehicles.

We see this acquisition as a huge opportunity to further professionalise our organisation with the aim of serving you even better.

About Terberg Matec Nederland B.V.:

With the head office in IJsselstein, Terberg Matec Nederland is active on the Dutch market as a service partner and supplier of a wide range of waste collection and cleaning systems. Terberg Matec Nederland is part of the Royal Terberg Group, a Dutch family business that has existed for over 150 years.

About VTM Cleaning vehicles.:

Over the past 26 years VTM has acquired a unique position, as a supplier and service partner of cleaning vehicles, in the infrastructure sector and municipal cleaning. Well-known Bucher brands within VTM Cleaning Vehicles are BEAM and JOHNSTON. VTM has also been responsible for the sales and service of KAISER Moro cleaning vehicles for 10 years now. In addition to sales and service, the programme has been expanded in recent years to include the rental of cleaning vehicles.

For questions and additional information, please contact us:

Mark Senders                       Managing Director                                                            06 2355 8380

Evert Stigter                         Manager Sales & Marketing Cleaning                           06 2387 9540

Wilbert Braakman              Manager Sales & Marketing Collection                         06 2294 5231