H&B Logistics operators enthusiastic about new Terberg YT193

H&B Logistics operators enthusiastic about new Terberg YT193

4/2/2020 12:04:08 PM - Terberg Benschop

H&B Logistics, a warehousing service provider in the Netherlands, is a launch customer for the YT193 tractor.
There are also launch customers in Germany and the UK, covering distribution and port operation applications.

Mark van Hezik, customer service employee and driver at launch customer H&B Logistics is very enthusiastic about the new Terberg tractor: "It's a real improvement. Even more comfortable and easier to use. I particularly like the lower step, and the air-sprung cab and seat are very comfortable on uneven surfaces. The controls for forward/reverse and the fifth wheel lock are now conveniently grouped together next to the seat. The view from the cab of this new tractor is very good and it takes less than 15 seconds to couple a trailer. And they've thought about the cup holder!"

The new YT193 will start production in the summer of 2020 and the electric YT203-EV will become available at the end of 2020.

With over 160 vehicles on the road in Benelux and more than 150,000 m² storage capacity in the Netherlands, H&B Logistics relieves customers of their logistics and volume transport worries. The company specialises in glass, cans, cardboard, pallets, plastic packaging, insulation materials and other bulky products.

Mark van Hezik (H&B Logistics) shares his experience with the new YT193