Terberg participes in Province of Utrecht hydrogen programme

9/14/2021 10:16:31 AM - Royal Terberg Group

Three operating companies of the Royal Terberg Group have participated in  the Province of Utrecht hydrogen-based mobility programme: Terberg Benschop (Special Vehicles division), Terberg Techniek (truck modification) and Terberg Business Lease.

Terberg Benschop is undertaking a key activity in the region by developing the YT203H2 hydrogen-powered yard tractor for shunting trailers, to be introduced onto the market in 2023.

Terberg Techniek is also making an important contribution by converting diesel-powered diggers, and truck-mounted concrete mixers and cranes, to electric drive. This will enable them to operate as hydrogen-powered vehicles in city centres, making the construction industry much more sustainable.

To make mobility more sustainable, the Terberg Business Lease Group now provides not only full operational leasing, but also financial leasing packages. This provides businesses with an attractive option to finance their hydrogen vehicles while also benefiting from the relevant tax incentives. The increasing number of hydrogen filling stations throughout the Netherlands is a key success factor.

The objective of the Province of Utrecht is to become the leading hydrogen region by bundling the wide range of activities in the province and promoting cooperation. The parties participating in the programme confirm their intention to promote the use, and where possible the production, of green hydrogen for mobility applications in the Province of Utrecht. They will contribute to the realisation of a number of objectives for 2025 in the province:

  • 5-10 hydrogen filling stations
  • 300 trucks, other heavy vehicles and machines powered by hydrogen
  • 1500 light vehicles (cars and vans) powered by hydrogen
  • 1-2 boats powered by hydrogen
  • 2-5 buses/coaches powered by hydrogen

For more information visit https://www.ecub.nl/waterstof