The TKS (static mast) and TKM (movable mast) Kinglifter models are equipped with a 38 hp Stage V engine to unload trucks even faster. The higher power saves valuable time during unloading operations.

Coupling and uncoupling to the truck is now easier and safer due to the operation from the side. A wireless remote control is available as an option. The easily accessible gas suspension seat and high seat with a good view make the driver's work more comfortable, safer and more efficient.

The usual Kinglifter options are available to perfectly adapt the machine to your application:

  • 1- or 3-wheel drive
  • 4-way side loader
  • Chassis width and mast type and height of your choice
  • Fork carriage with sideshift
  • Various wheel sizes, etc.

One-sided unloading, a requirement in certain markets, is possible with the moving mast, scissor mast or reach forks.

Kinglifter TKM: moving mast

Kinglifter TKS: static mast

Other Kinglifter models